3 weeks

9 people

A place to stay

A studio to work

A specific climate

Surrounded by mountains

A former context

Filled with new content

... grow, blow, show...

A.I.R. Muota Brunnen was initiated and organized by Jessica Pooch, along with Maya Minder and took place during the first three weeks of Aug. 2012, located in a former cement factory in Brunnen, Switzerland.

By offering both space and time, the aim of the residency was to set up an exchange plattform for researches and artistic practices. The artists and curators participating in the residency looked into developing a collective dynamic, based on the issue of collaboration versus cooperation and thus potentially leading to the production of artworks. The residency was structured around daily talks among the participants as well as invited guests, studio practice, excursions, presentations and guest lectures followed by dinners in the evening. The collective studio space and the house located nearby were serving as the base for the artistic production and acted as a stage for sharing distinct concerns, methods and strategies related to their work. The residency ended with the open studio days and a guided tour, were the so-called consequences of interaction were presented to the public.

We thought of

We spoke about


BR: "On the first day we decided that we would work in that collective process, a process of discussing, and constructing the process as a product in itself. Everything we generate is, in a way, the product." As i said last time, after your presentation Gregory, we started doing this list of keywords, then looked at what we had done, and discussed it. We were involved in a process of interaction together, building associations within it, etc... a “ping pong” collaborative process. And then everybody needed to know about all the topics and issues raised and that’s what i've been trying to do, and that’s what we all have done together as well ."


MM: "I agree that the process is very important to this project, but I am wondering, how to make this process visible?"

CG: "I don't know if it’s a process, as in transformation. I think this process is the process of finding a common vocabulary, which means to talk about stuff and finding common ground, more than becoming a new collective."

BR: "Its not about finding the perfect global, common format. We don't want to be all formatted in the same categories. We all fit in this format, because we are all different and because of these differences."



During the residency the participants were using an online plattform, to channel information and share contents in a non verbal manner.

Lectures by

Maya Minder - Die Werbefläche, Zurich

about freelance curating

Andrea Thal - Les Complices, Zurich

about forms of publishing

Sandra Ohey & Roger Maier - Van Horbourg, Basel

about the curator collective Van Horbourg

Dr. Sebastian Ulbrich - C4T, Zurich

about how to present yourself

Robert Ostmann & Stefan Rechsteiner - The Space Between People, Berlin

about the value of artists as interim users in the prospect of real estate development


Werner Oechslin Library

Hike to Seelisberg


Colin Guillemet, Stephanie Hess, Konstantinos Manolakis, Marcel Meury, Maya Minder, Gregory Polony, Jessica Pooch, Bastien Rousseau, Riikka Tauriainen

Many thanks to

Alvaro Alvarez, Franziska Amstad, Monica Amstad, Claudia Christen, Eveline von Euw, Daniel von Euw, Jan Flachsmann, Sonia Genoese, Ulrich Goerlich, Marlen Groher, Caroline Guerber, Mike Honegger, Barbara Huber, Joerg Huber, Salome Kuratli, Sepp Inderbitzin, Edi Item, Marie-Luise Lange, Milenko Lazic, Roger Meier, Kyong-Hwa Minder, Jodie Mueller, Sandra Ohey, Robert Ostmann, Claudio Pavan, Stefan Rechsteiner, Lena Reiser, Suse Richter, Mathias Schmid, Silvio Sieber, Francisca Silva, Jeroen Singer, Erik Steinbrecher, Valentina Stieger, Olivia Suter, Andrea Thal, René Trinkler, Sebastian Ulbrich


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